August 8th, 2012

Internal Bleeding.

I have been suffering from for what the past year or so the doctors thought were recurrent kidney problems. I was getting uselessly treated for the past year. Recently they have given me the diagnosis of IC. They gave me Ketoralac for pain, and with my luck, it caused internal bleeding and now I am no longer able to take anything for pain other than tylenol for minn. 12 months. As many of you know this is quite painful some days, as tylenol does hardly anything at all and the pain from IC can be excruciating. I was looking for any advice anyone would have on a way that I could manage this pain without pain meds. I am a little bit aware of dietary restrictions that I should be on but would be even willing to try even more of that if I were to find out new ways or eating habits. Thanks. I hope you are all taking care.