Ophelia (starrynight) wrote in i_cystitis,

Hey all.

I have a history of UTI's, so right before Thanksgiving, I was feel symptoms and I took a home UTI test. It came back positive for white blood cells, so I thought I had an infection. My doctor did a culture and sure enough, no bacteria was cultured.

My doctor then told me that I have IC. He told me this over the phone, so when I saw him a few weeks ago, I asked him if there were any drugs I could take to help. He said that it's a stress thing. I told my friend, who also has IC and she suggested D-Mannose.

Well, three days ago, I started having symptoms again. It was ridiculously hard to sit through Christmas Day because of the pain. It's really frustrating because you think you have to go, and yet nothing comes out.

Has anyone tried D-Mannose?

I was also thinking of asking for Pyridium from my doctor for when the pain is really bad. I've had it before and it works to take the burning pain away.

I'm also on Lamictal and I read that it helps with nerve pain. I don't know if it will or won't because I take it for other reasons.
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