Gah! Stupid IC flare.

I haven't been around this comm in a long time.  I was one of the super lucky people that found my main trigger within a couple of months after diagnosis (that in itself delayed by years of wrong diagnosis) and then went into a sense of remission.  I had the occasional flare around the start of my period but typically it was *really* mild and only lasted a couple days.

Until 6 weeks ago.  Due to a long list of circumstances and some lack of choice I've been in flare for 6 weeks.  And everytime I think it's finally retreating it rears its ugly head again.  Grrr.  I haven't seen a specialist in so long that I will probably have to go back to my GP for a referral.  (At least that's one thing I'm worried about.)   And then there's the fact that I moved and now he's 2 hours away.  And to make matters even worse, my insurance is catastrophic and won't cover anything anyway.  *sigh*

I'm a mild IC case, but when I do flare - it's straight to the urethrea and is a full on piercing pain.  Once I allow myself to notice the pain in that spot it won't go away for hours and instead only intensifies the more I recognize it.  I try to ignore it, sometimes in vain.  Like this very moment and the reason I finally cracked and thought I'd send a shout-out to fellow sufferers.  Just because you all are the only ones who really get it.  

I completely cleared out my diet for a week.  99% of the time that single action does the trick.  It hasn't.  I'm too stressed out at the moment, methinks.  That's a whole different entry for a different journal.  *sigh*

what to do...what to do....  any suggestions that don't cost a lot of money?

Thanks for listening to me vent.  At least I got it off my chest.
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Diet pills and IC?

Has anyone here ever taken a diet pill? I notice a lot of them contain things like green tea, which are potential IC irritants.

I recently studied abroad and because I couldn't eat most of the local food, I had to stick to what Western food was available - mainly pizza and other unhealthy foods. So, surprise, I gained weight. I want to lose it, and I'd be interested in adding a diet pill to my efforts. But I'm worried that they could affect my IC, and they're not cheap...

Business Travel With Pain

As requested, I've put together a whole bunch of travel tips specific for business travelers. I managed to think of so many that I had to split them into two posts.

I need to think some about other ways to ensure that my condition stays private. Do you guys have any suggestions? If so, please post them either here or up on the blog so other folks can find 'em too.

Business Travel With Pain Part 1
Business Travel With Pain Part 2
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I unfortunately have military healthcare and this past year with what I think is IC has been a nightmare. I can't get anyone to take me seriously or listen to me and I feel like Collapse )

Please let me know if you think these symptoms may sound like IC and what you've experienced. No one wants to believe that I may have IC and keep telling me "we don't know."

San Francisco With Pain

Headed to San Francisco in the near future? Or want to visit the City sometime? Here's a bunch of information about various destinations within the City:

Fisherman's Wharf from End to End
The de Young Museum
Hotel Triton

I'm planning to put together an eBook about traveling in San Francisco with hidden disabilities. It will be available on The Imperfect Traveler later this year. What attractions, neighborhoods, hotels, restaurants would you like information about within SF?
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Serious Stuff: AirTran, the FAA, and what "disabled" really means

Unlike my usual stuff, this post on Travels With Pain is more of a journalistic article. The perpetrator of the incident that sparked this mess happens to be AirTran, but the fact is that this kind of thing can and does happen on every other airline.

Why I Think AirTran Was Wrong

What do you think? Should rules for exit rows be codified? If so, how?
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