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Interstitial Cystitis

support, discussion, resources, and more

Interstitial Cystitis Support Group
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This community is for discussion of all issues related to interstitial cystitis. We have both diagnosed and undiagnosed members, members on medication and those who aren't, and some of us suffer from sister illnesses. We accept any and all of the above here in the group. Supporters of sufferers also welcome.

Join us if: you want information, you want alternative information, you want friends for activism, you want to take charge of your health, or if you just need a place to vent when you have a bad day.

There are no real rules here, just some basics: no politics, religion, or anything that could cause ill-will; if you disagree with something posted, write to me first before dealing with it in the journal (no flaming); and for long posts or photos, please use lj-cuts. Thanks!

The memories for this community are out-of-date, but still contain quite a lot of useful information; I encourage users to go through them. Currently the community is switching to organization via the tagging system (see all tags here), which hopefully will be of use to members in finding information. However, if you can't find a good answer to your question in the tags or memories, do feel free to make a post!

Quick links:

- Interstitial Cystitis Association - extremely comprehensive

- Interstititial Cystitis Network - includes message boards

- IC Network newsletter - sign up for new issues or read back issues

- Interactive Cystoscopy Tutorial - outlines the procedure, including risks and benefits

- How your urinary system works - a brief medical overview

- National Vulvodynia Association - includes newsletters and self-help tips.

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